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As the basic department of yuanqi, the maritime transportation department has always been an important link in the operation of our overseas projects, which has communication with the shipping companies and the port authority.Professional undertaking import and export cargo shipping and related business.Including booking space, transshipment, container assembling and unpacking, customs declaration, inspection, insurance and related forwarding and consulting services.

Our company has established a solid cooperative relationship with many shipping companies, is the booking agent of many shipping companies, enjoy the right of agency from first class shipping agency,and has the right to issue through bill of lading, can give customers more personalized services.Our company has an agent network covering the whole world, which can provide customers with freight services to various ports and relevant inland points around the world.

Our routes include Africa, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and other routes.Maintain good cooperative relationship with many shipping companies.Have a strong foreign agent network.

Door to door service: have their own fleet, can arrange timely shipment of goods.

Inner packing service: we have our own warehouse, and we also provide relevant services such as labeling, batching, fumigation, etc.

Warehousing services: large self-owned warehouse, providing a number of derivative services.

Transport services: own a professional fleet, to provide domestic transport of goods.


As the core department of yuanqi, project logistics department has always been the firm implementor of the "One Belt One Road" policy. In recent years, this department has made every effort to coordinate and complete overseas projects of our company.At present, our company has independently operated overseas hydropower stations, power transmission and transformation stations, cement factories, road and bridge projects, housing construction projects, solar power stations and other projects of major cooperative customers, and actively continue to expand these projects and derivative services.

Station Department场站部

Our warehouse business scope involves international maritime, air and land transportation agency, warehousing loading and unloading, LCL, bulk loading and unloading, project cargo loading and unloading, foreign aid projects loading and unloading, domestic container general cargo, dangerous goods, refrigeration, large cargo transportation services.Keep promises and contracts, focus on details and ensure quality of service.Relying on the stable, reliable and safe operation network, scientific integration of resources, in line with the purpose of "integrity for gold, service first", adhere to the standardized management, the concept of humanized service, 24 hours to provide customers with container storage, transportation, unpacking and other one-stop comprehensive services.The company has 80 employees, including administration department, warehousing department, operation department, Commerce Department, transportation department and finance department.The warehouse covers a total area of 35,000 square meters, the site is about 20,000 square meters, the semi-closed unloading area is about 2,000 square meters, the warehouse no.1 is about 6,400 square meters, the warehouse no.2 is about 5,833 square meters, the maintenance storage is about 1,871 square meters, the three-dimensional storage is about 5,200 square meters, and the office building is about 500 square meters.The design of the building is reasonable and modern, giving the customer the most ideal service place.

Chemical Logistics Department 化工物流事业部

Our company has a goods professional transport team which are throughed professional operation training and long-term engaged in the transport of chemical and dangerous cargoes.Provide import and export booking 、declaration 、inner packing and other services.We carry out the “one-stop” service tenet, no matter what the customer‘s requirements on FCL or bulk transportation, we can take advantage of our network and service to deliver the goods safely, timely and accurately to the place designated by the customer according to the customer’s requirements.With a professional chemical and dangerous cargoes warehouse and a variety of chemical and dangerous cargoes transport vehicles equipment, we can provide superior price, safety, environmental protection services for the majority of customers ,“standard operation、skilled、Ensure quality and safety of door-door transportation."Is the purpose of yuanqi chemical  and dangerous cargoes team.


As a special business department of yuanqi, the multimodal transportation department is becoming one of the company's main sectors, which can provide customers with a variety of logistics services.Along with “One Belt One Road”policy, our country has more and more investments and aid projects in overseas countries and areas, involved fields are becoming more and more widely, both at coastal countries and landlocked countries, the corresponding mode of transportation is more and more diversified, sea transport, barges, trucking, rail transportation, air transportation etc timely to be flexible combined.