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ONE Further Expansion of Refrigerated Container Fleet


Ocean Network Express (ONE) is expanding the current 240,000 TEUs of refrigerated containers and adding 6000 (40 "HC) units, 500 of which are equipped with advanced controllable atmosphere (CA) technology to slow down the breathing and ripening process and maximize the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. These refrigerated containers will receive new bookings by the end of the year to meet the global demand during the global refrigeration peak.

ONE has one of the largest and most advanced refrigeration fleets in the world, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to deal with the demand for perishable goods. With new investments in 6,000 refrigeration units, ONE demonstrated its firm commitment to meeting the growing demand for container refrigeration trade after purchasing 14,000 leading units last year, while the expansion of the Asian middle class continues to increase healthy food choices. So far, the growth of global refrigerated container trade has exceeded that of global container trade by 2019, and ONE expects that the growth momentum will remain unchanged for the remaining months of this year.

ONE is currently committed to applying the latest Internet of Things technology to its refrigerated containers, so as to understand key information such as temperature and humidity in the containers in real time, so as to enhance the value chain proposition of perishable trade.

Jun Shibata, Senior Vice President of Strategic Revenue Management, commented:

"ONE is committed to providing our customers with the best transport capacity to meet growing demand and expand new market opportunities. We continue to explore new technologies in the field of refrigerated containers to improve customer service value propositions for handling perishable goods. "

ONE's Global Refrigeration Strategy Global Refrigeration Business Planning Team (GRBP), headquartered in ONE, Singapore, develops ONE's global refrigeration marketing and business strategy by closely monitoring market demand and working closely with regional refrigeration steering stations located in different regions. The world.

The ONE's Reefer technical team can be provided on board and onshore to provide all-weather services when needed. We will continue to provide our valued customers with higher quality and more competitive services.